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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Write to Fox About the O.J Special

I sent the e-mail message below to both the Fox network and its local affiliate. I intend to send it to advertisers on the local channel's web site as well.

I encourage you to consider doing the same. This is not a matter of censorship, as anyone who knows me knows I would never encourage that - this is a matter of letting networks know that they are being held accountable for what they are willing to air in order to profit. The reason to contact advertisers is to let them know that a significant number of people will not be watching this program and that their advertising dollars may be better spent elsewhere. I am not espousing a boycott of the advertisers' businesses.

If you agree and want to make your feelings known, feel free to use my e-mail message in its entirety (changing the local network call letters if applicable) or partially.

I got this idea and some of the content from a woman who posts on a forum which I read often.

Here's the e-mail message:

Subject: O.J. Simpson Special

To Whom It May Concern,

Domestic violence is a socially and emotionally devastating problem throughout the country. Every day women and children struggle to stay safe and recover from abuse. That's why it is particularly disturbing to see the Fox Network and its South Florida affiliate WSVN exploiting a domestic homicide with its upcoming special during which O.J. Simpson will discuss how he "would have" murdered his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend, Ron Goldman, “if he did it.”

This type of broadcasting is irresponsible and offensive. To give Simpson a forum to play this sick, cruel game and to assist him in receiving any sort of compensation is appalling. And furthermore for Fox to exploit this tragedy is a mockery of a network's responsibility towards the public. If Fox and/or its South Florida affiliate WSVN airs the O.J. Simpson "If I Did it" special, it will only confirm the network's disregard for its responsibility as a purveyor of information, its lack of sympathy towards the victims' families and its prioritization of earnings over professionalism.

This e-mail message is being sent to everyone in my personal e-mail address book. I am strongly encouraging everyone I know to NOT watch this special if it airs and to advise local advertisers of their discontent. Hopefully advertisers will heed the public's sentiment and pull advertising from this despicable program.


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