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Friday, January 19, 2007

Dissing Dubyuh because I can (at least for now)

Needless to say I am beyond upset about the whole troop surge bullshit and pretty much anything this man does at this point. But rather than bitch about it (today) I'm gonna post some funnies I received from a friend. And remember, you gotta laugh to keep from crying...

Bush Bumper Stickers

1/20/09: End of an Error

That's OK; I Wasn't Using My Civil Liberties Anyway

Let's Fix Democracy in This Country First

If You Can Read This, You're Not Our President

Hey Bush Supporters: Embarrassed Yet?

Impeachment: It's Not Just for Blowjobs Anymore

America: One Nation, Under Surveillance

They Call Him "W" So He Can Spell It

Jail to the Chief

No, Seriously, Why Did We Invade Iraq?

We Need a President Who's Fluent in at Least One Language

We're Making Enemies Faster Than We Can Kill Them

The Republican Party: Our Bridge to the 11th Century

What Part of "Bush Lied" Don't You Understand?

2004: Embarrassed
2005: Horrified
2006: Terrified

At Least Nixon Resigned

Are We Kinder and Gentler Yet?

Bush Doesn't Care About White People, Either


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Blogger Toni Lea Andrews said...

After last night's address I'm ready to put ALL of these on my car!!!

8:58 AM  
Blogger Karoda said...

For a few of us these jokes are so retro... ;)

12:15 AM  

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