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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Lazy Saturday

On this, the last Saturday before Christmas, when according to the news stores and malls are packed with bstling shoppers I have spent the entire day watching movies. I am done with my shopping and almost done with my wrapping - YAY!

So far I've been in Manhattan in the mid-70s for Metropolitan, Nebraska in the mid-90s for Election, the North Atlantic Ocean on a luxury cruise ship for Poseidon and in the early 1800s in England for Vanity Fair. Who knows I may see some more movies before the night is over!

"Metropolitan" was great, "Election" was good, "Poseidon" was a disaster - pun intended - and "Vanity Fair" was really good. I have not yet read the book, although I own it - it will now grow on my ever growing to-be-read list.

So, what have y'all done on this should-be-busy-but-I'm-being-lazy Saturday?

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Blogger Muffy St. Bernard said...

I was watching episodes from the divine '60s "Avengers" TV series (I treated myself to the "Emma Peel Megaset" of DVDs) while attaching fishing line to the tail of a small wooden bird.

If that sounds odd, it's because it was!

Have a good Christmas, Hilda!

9:49 AM  

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