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Sunday, September 30, 2007

"Big Shots"? Ummm...not so much

Buh-bye Big Shots! Thanks for playing - at least with me. This is the first of the season's new TV shows deleted from my TiVo-like substance program list. I watched the recording of the season premiere and I can't believe how much I *hated* this show. If I were a man I'd be insulted - hell, I'm not a man and I'm insulted for them! How they managed to make me dislike Dylan McDermott - who I now know cannot play "funny", not even sarcastic funny - and Joshua Malina is astonishing.

Some are comparing this drivel to my dearly-departed, IMO, brilliant Sex and the City. I heartily disagree. Unless it's a man-woman thing. If there are any men reading this who have watched "Big Shots", please weigh in.

The characters played out the worst male stereotypes and *none* of them were likable. Not even "James" - played by the stunningly handsome James Vartan - who is supposed to be the one for whom we feel sorry is likable. He's a clueless wuss.

Oh well...maybe I'll program Journeyman in it's place, I've been hearing good things about that one.



Blogger purplepassion said...

I was not happy with it either but those boys sure are pretty to watch. I always give shows 2 episodes before I write them off, especially if one of them was the pilot. First episodes are not usually the best ones because they spend so much of their time intorducing you to characters and explaining who they are and how they relate that the story (ans writting) goes by the wayside. So, I will give the pretty boys another chance to be smart, witty and engaging before I move them off my tivo-like substance.

3:17 PM  
Blogger TroyBoy said...

No Hilda, don't hold back, tell us how you really feel!


Speaking as a man, I was not insulted. Actually, I was thinking that women may find it insulting. There are no strong woman roles in the show, except for Dantrel maybe(that was her/his name, right?).

I thought it was about as funny and entertaining as Ugly Betty, which I don't watch so that tells you how funny I think it is.

But I am with Purple Passion and give it one more shot...for totally different reasons! :-)

4:34 PM  
Blogger Toni Lea Andrews said...

Say it ain't so! I didn't see it but like these four actors so much I will probably have to give it a try anyway.

4:04 PM  
Blogger Katya said...

I didn't see it. Journeyman was kinda boring last night but I love the lead actor (if you saw HBO's Rome, he was Lucius Verenus) and also the actor who plays his brother, Reed Diamond, who played Detective Kellerman on Homicide. So I will give Journeyman a couple of more chances. Something I read said it was like Quantum Leap, only better acted. :)

9:30 PM  
Blogger sari said...

Psst! It's Michael Vartan! And I know because I thought he was cute all the way back in Never Been Kissed.

But I haven't watched any new shows, I think the one I'm going to watch is The Next Iron Chef which comes on 10/7. Sad, huh?

11:25 AM  
Blogger Tere said...

I haven't made up my mind on the show yet. But Michael Vartan is among my top 10, and I heart him very much.

And Dylan McDermott, the lighting or the diet or the scruff - something - suits him because he's looking quite nice!

By 10 p.m., I don't need to be entertained so much as I needed to have something nice to look at to lull me to sleep...

1:48 PM  

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