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Saturday, November 3, 2007

American Express Meme

These questions are from a print ad campaign American Express is running in magazines right now. It asks allegedly-American Express card-carrying celebrities some interesting questions. I'll skip the specifically American Express related questions.

Oh stop kvetching - it's short! If you want to play, let me know in my comments please.

  1. Occupation - Technical Writer
  2. Proudest Accomplishment - This is a difficult question to answer - I wonder what that says about me? I don't think about accomplishments and being proud of what I do, I just do what I think I have to and do it the best I can. I guess if I have to answer, I would say the first time I saw my name as a byline when I used to write a column in a local alternative paper.
  3. Perfect Day - Wake up around 9:00 a.m. and go out for a nice breakfast. Then take the Metrorail to downtown and go to the art museum. Come home, change and go someone's house and hang out with a bunch of friends.
  4. Most unusual gift received - The school-style globe my husband got me for Christmas a couple of years ago - I had always wanted one!
  5. Recent Impulse Buy - a bottle of wine I've never tried before.
  6. Retail Therapy - Buying books

  7. Can't shop without - A bottle of water

Your turn!

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