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Thursday, March 31, 2011

American Idol - Still Top 11! - Elton John

Elton John! YAAAAAAY!!!

Have they done Elton John before? There's certainly a lot to choose from...

So let's talk about last week's results and "the save". I absolutely, positively agree with the save. It's not time for Casey to leave yet. So tonight we lose two - and I know *exactly* who they should be!

Scotty McCreeryCountry Comforthaha! I never heard this before - but he found the *one* country Elton John song! He looked great, comfortable, almost too easy...whether I agree with the format or not, this show expects the participants to try different genres - it's time for him to do it; it was perfect but safe. Score - 9.

Naima AdedapoI'm Still Standinguh oh...great song, but she's doing it reggae style; omg it's not bad!; she looks great and her voice is excellent today; I really liked it; and it was gutsy! Because she took the risk and I think it worked, I'm giving her a perfect score. Score – 10.

Paul McDonaldRocket Mangreat song! Come on I wanna like you Paul; omg the outfit - Duuuude - no!; and he needs to shave his neck; OK...I'm sorry I'm done with him; he has no voice; there's no *there* there; this is just painful; time to go. Score – 3

Pia ToscanoDon't Let The Sun Go Down On Me – a beautiful song; again - gorgeous!; she's doing another ballad, but a great one; don't do it...don't over sing it; ok...she kept it under control; this was very good. Score - 8.

Stefano LangoneTiny Dancerone of my favorite songs; so cute!; he has such a pretty voice but it's a difficult song; it was good, but not great; he's not going to win this; it was a little boring. Score - 6.

Lauren AlainaCandle in the Wind - song...meh; she looks nice; she's singing it well, but this seems like an easy song; it wasn't bad but I just didn't care; ok she's pulling a Pickler and I really don't like Pickler. Score - 7.

James DurbinSaturday Night's Alright For Fightingwoooo! Fun song! He looks great; sounds better; excellent stage presence! He rocked it! He may be the one... Score - 10.

Thia MegiaDanielamazing song; don't love the outfit; she has a beautiful voice; OK...she did well; it was pretty. Score – 7.

Casey Abrams
Your Song - beautiful song!; YAY! Loving the haircut and beard trim!; oooh I like this; restrained, pretty; really good; a little yelly, but he can't help himself; didn't love the high note; but that was a great performance; he's far from my favorite, but he definitely deserves to be in the show for a while; I absolutely agree with the Save he may be top 3 material - maybe. Score - 8

Jacob Lusk Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word - not my favorite song; ugh awful start; he singing too high or something; he looks pissed which is the wrong emotion for this song; and there's the yelling; gah! No; what was that face?; this ladies and gentlemen is over singing; Hated it! Score - 3.

Haley Reinhart - Benny and the Jets - I love this song; Hello legs thanks for coming because thank god she has her looks; the singing? Awful; she has the stage presence of a turnip; she needs to sing "These Boots Were Made for Walking" in a mini skirt as she walks the hell out; Score - 1.

Who I Think *Should* Go: Haley Reinhart and Paul McDonald

Who I Think *Will* Go: Paul McDonald and Stefano Langone

How fabulous did JLo look? Steven once again - no clue what he's talking about, but I like the guy! Oh and there's Randy.

Tonight, there were some very good performances, some train wrecks, not much that was great. What did you think?


Friday, March 25, 2011

Songs from Lolaish - The Earth Hour Edition

So...Saturday March 26th at your 8:30 p.m. - turn off the lights. The link explains the whys and wherefores and important information - I'm here to offer suggestions as to what you can do with that dark hour...
  • Well, there's the obvious...ñaca ñaca - woo hoo!
  • Light all the candles in your house - the ones that are too pretty to use in an emergency situation (hurricanes, power outages, late on your electric bill, etc.) because in an emergency situation you won't appreciate the pretty. We all have them, beautiful candles given to us as gifts that sit there looking pretty but never get is the time. Put them all around the room and just sit back and enjoy them.
  • Play shadow puppets.
  • Wear anything you have that's "glow-in-the-dark".
  • You can go over an hour if you want, so you can watch a really creepy, scary movie - LOOK OUT HE'S IN THE HOUSE! AIIIIIIEEEEEE!
  • Depending on whether or not you're alone, play either swaying romantic belly-rubbin' music, or up-beat fun "dance like nobody's watching" music and then do some (wait for it - you know it's coming) dancing in the dark! Hahaha (well it amused me).

Maybe this week's "it's all about the dark" song list can be your soundtrack...

  1. Dancing in the Dark - Bruce Springsteen - What? Like I wasn't going to include this? It's THE BOSS! Bruuuuuuuuuuuce!
  2. Dark Road - Annie Lennox - Her voice is sooo cool and haunting. This is a great song...sad.
  3. Darkest Hour - Arlo Guthrie - Appropriate and Arlo! Woooo! His voice makes me smile.
  4. Dark Lady - Cher - Remember this one? It's all about a duplicitous fortune teller - Oy, the drama!
  5. Piano in the Dark - Brenda Russell - mmmmm...slinky and sexy...this is a good one for the belly-rubbin' dancing
  6. By the River's Dark - Leonard Cohen - Cohen is so the man! All his songs - amazing poetry. If you don't know this one, check it out.
  7. Darkness Darkness - Robert Plant - This song was covered by many people but Plant's version is quite beautiful and haunting. At one point, during the Vietnam war, it was considered by some almost an anthem for the soldiers describing what it felt like in the jungle..."Darkness, darkness, long and lonesome, Is the day that brings me here I have felt the edge of sadness, I have known the depths of fear..."
  8. Dark End of the Street - Eva Cassidy - Another song that has been covered by everyone from Bruce Springsteen to Courtney Love to Aretha Franklin to The Flying Burrito Brothers - but as with everything she sings, Eva Cassidy's version highlights the power of this song.
  9. I Will Follow You Into the Dark - Death Cab for Cutie - Yeah, not the happiest song in the lot. It's really...well...dark.
  10. Coming Out of the Dark - Gloria Estefan- I still get goose bumps when I hear this song!This is the first song she both performed and recorded after her near fatal accident, when she was able to come out of that darkness. Yay Gloria!

So there you have it...some music to listen to during that dark hour...just remember to come out of the dark eventually.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

American Idol - Top 11 - Motown!

Wooooo Motown!

This can be very good or horribly bad...
I love Motown but I've seen it mangled on AI. Let's see what happens. Oy, I'm guessing Jennifer was going for the retro thing with the eyeshadow!

Casey AbramsI Heard It Through The Grapevine - fantastic song!; NO! Screaming! OK, it got less bad but I don't like it. He's too affected...too too! I think I officially don't like this guy. Score - 5

Thia MegiaHeat Wave – Excellent song!; agai she looks beautiful; sounds good, the lows are a little wonky but I'm liking it; lost it a bit towards the end; she has a pretty voice; it was good, not great. Score – 7.

Jacob Lusk You're All I Need To Get By - interesting choice, not an obvious hit, but good song; See? They said he was overdoing it before; ok I like this he has a great voice; much much better!; if he can maintain the control throughout the competition this may work; awww nana!; god Ryan is an idiot! Score - 9.

Lauren AlainaYou Keep Me Hanging On - great song; she looks great; oh wait...this is working; omg I like it!; OK wow! that was really good. Score - 8.

Stefano Langone
Hellomeh, the song, I don't love it; he's cute; not bad; he just has a really good voice; see, the high parts worked; I like this kid; . Score - 8.

Haley Reinhart - You Really Got A Hold On Me - fantastic song!; she looks beautiful; good thing she's working the legs because the singing, not so much; ok really awful; the ending made my ears bleed omg; once again I have a total disconnect with the judges. Score - 4.

Scotty McCreeryFor Once In My Lifeamazing song, not easy to do it justice - he looks good; he's actually pulling this off sorta- a countrifiedish version; that voice!!! ok Scottie no dancing, don't do that again; he's gonna be a country singer, but he did really well, this could have been a train wreck. Score - 8.

Pia Toscano
All In Love Is FairI don't know this song; she's gorgeous!; she's started off great...don't start with the yelling! (sigh) she's yelling; well the yelling wasn't awful and the last note was really good; I liked it. Score - 7.

Paul McDonaldTracks Of My Tearsfantastic song; he looks good but the hair?; this guy makes me nervous; well I didn't hate it; he can't dance with the guitar - that's a good thing; does he still have a cold? I don't know, I'm just not getting him . Score – 6

Naima AdedapoDancing In The StreetI love this song! she looks great!; she sounds great; yes! Loving the dancing!!! She's my girl! Score – 10.

James DurbinLiving for the Citymy absolute favorite Stevie Wonder song; looks good; started off weakish (for him - great for anyone else) but he worked it out; even with screeching he controls the screech; it wasn't his best, bit his not best is still really really good. Score - 9.

Who I Think *Should* Go: Haley Reinhart

Who I Think *Will* Go: Haley Reinhart

I'm really impressed with Jennifer's judging - she actually has relevant stuff to say. Steven cracks me up. And then there's Randy.

I thought all in all this was a great show. What did you think?


Monday, March 21, 2011

World Poetry Day 2011

image source

It's World Poetry Day - and boy, if ever we've needed a "poetry break" it's now!

My poetry pick for today is Federico Garcia Llorca's "Little Viennese Waltz". Here it is in the original Spanish - Pequeño Vals Vienés.

But my favorite version is Leonard Cohen's translation and adaptation for his song Take This Waltz...

Post a link to your favorite poem for today :)

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

American Idol - Top 12 - Songs From The Year They Were Born

Week 2 - Here we go...

How much did I love Steven's outfit and Jennifer's mega hair? Lots! Randy? Meh.
It's nice that they’ll be donating proceeds to help Japan…American Idol cares!

Naina Adedapo
What's Love Got To Do With It?fantastic song; ambitious; I like this girl; outfit is weird but it works for her; bad arrangement; she doesn't have the voice for this; this was bad Score – 4

Paul McDonaldI Guess That's Why They Call It The BluesAnother great song! Oh...he sounds bad; he looks good, I should like this guy, but no; and really no dancing Paul! Just no! I'm n it sure what "pitchy" is but I think he's that. Score - 4.

Thia MegiaColors of The Wind – Beautiful song; she looks fantastic!; her voice is still uneven for me; I like her but I'm underwhelmed by her voice; this isn't a particularly challenging song she should have done better. Score – 6.

James DurbinI'll Be There for YouJOVEEEEE!; good song; he's cute but I'm already over the hair; good performer; good outfit; the scream was good but not too much; I liked it, didn't love it . Score – 8.

Haley Reinhart - I'm Your Baby Tonight - Whitney song, meh; she looks OK; she doesn't have the voice for this song; it's a hard song; it wasn't good; Randy is an idiot he gives her a hard time because she's singing different genres but he gave Thia a hard time because she always sings ballad - shut up Randy!; it wasn't good but it wasn't awful and it was ambitious, good for her, I hope it doesn't cost her. Score - 6.

Stefano LangoneIf You Don't Know Me By Nowgreat song; he looks great; looks comfortable on stage; I like it, the song suits his voice; lost control at the end, to much hollering. Score - 7.

Pia ToscanoWhere Do Broken Hearts Godon't love the song; she looks beautiful; shrieking! Noooo; I didn't like it. Score - 5.

Scotty McCreeryCan I Trust You With My Heart?I don't know the song, but I don't care - I love this kid's voice!; again, will he be able to do something other country?; it was beautiful, loved it! Nothing wrong with it, perfect for me! Score - 10.

Karen RodriguezLove Will Lead You Back - good song; Miami girl!!!; she looks gorgeous, great dress, rocking the hair and earrings; I like that she didn't do a Hispanic singer today but still slipped in a little Spanish - very cool; very good. Score – 9.

Casey AbramsSmells Like Teen Spirit - good song; playing bass; I don't like the affectation with his voice; sounds like Jack Black in "School of Rock"; it didn't work for me at all; too much; he took a risk and it didn't pay off; still hate the beard and the hair. Score – 6.

Lauren AlainaI'm the Only One - fantastic song; she's too boring for this song; her voice wasn't bad but she has no stage presence; hair's too big lipstick's too red; I found myself wanting it to just be over. Score – 5.

Jacob Lusk Alone - great song; interesting choice; horrible outfit!; started off ok when it was soft, and then he started with the yelling! good voice but the yelling ruined it for me. Score – 6.

Who I Think *Should* Go: Lauren Alaina

Who I Think *Will* Go: Haley Reinhart

Do you think Randy is a fool? Is Steven taking Paula's place for random chattering? Are you liking Jennifer Lopez more than you used to?

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

American Idol - Top 13 - Their Musical Idols

OK, I didn't watch American Idol in any significant way last season, therefore I didn't Blog about it. I swore I wouldn't watch it this season, but I caught part of one of the audition shows - which I never watch and on which I have never commented - and I was impressed with Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez as well as with the talent. So...I'm gonna give it a whirl.

First my usual disclaimer: (I am copying this with minimal amendment from the last Top 13 post I Blogged in 2009).

If you haven't read my recaps before here's the deal - these are my wholly subjective, thoroughly meaningless, untrained musings on the "I don't want to watch but somehow I watch" TV phenomenon that is American Idol. I have absolutely no business judging any of these people because I have no musical training or talent *whatsoever* - not that this lack of knowledge or ability stops me from singing often and loudly - but hey! they put themselves up there, so I judge them and mock them. It amuses me.

Because it's the first recap first of the season I'll give you my opinion of them based on first impression and then after the double-dash " - - " and song title, I'll comment specifically on Wednesday night's performances and give them a "grade" on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the worst. In the upcoming weeks I'll only comment on and grade the performances. Here we go...

Lauren Alaina – GAH Outfit! She seems too fluffy - - Any Man of Mine – Great song that she made boring; her voice is fine but she had zero sex appeal, which this song calls for; Meh…Score – 3

Casey Abrams – Needs a haircut and beard trim right now! He might be handsome, but we can’t tell through the “Grizzly Adamness” - - With a Little Help From My Friends – Good song but has been overdone; great voice!; good outfit; good performance but too manic – I think he was channeling Joe Cocker and it wasn’t pretty. Score - 8.

Ashthon Jones – Beautiful girl, fabulous dress - - When You Tell Me That You Love Me – I don’t know this song; her voice was uneven but seems like it could be good; too shriek; I think the song was too difficult; not a good performance. Score – 3.

Paul McDonald – cute, quirky, I want to like this guy - - Come Pick Me Up - I don’t know the song; where was his voice?; husky is fine but this was none existent; oh no he’s “dancing”? Well, he was twitching around on stage and it wasn’t good – he needs to never dancing again; that was pretty much awful. Score – 4.

Pia Toscano – she’s gorgeous! - - All By Myself – great song but she went with Celine Dion shriekeramic arrangement! I mean come on! Just do it like Eric Carmen wrote it and dial the volume down by like a million; great dress except for the Superman cape; between shrieks I heard a good voice, I could probably like her singing; good stage presence. Score – 7.

James Durbin – cute guy; I read he suffers from Tourette’s Syndrome and is Autistic – good for him that’s he’s doing this - - Maybe I'm Amazed – great song and he totally nailed it! Wow! Loved the voice, loved the performance; great high notes with no yelling – imagine that! I found nothing wrong with it, so he gets a perfect score! Score 10.

Haley Reinhart – she said “a lot more better” – HA! I like her - - Blue – this was a hard song and she did well; looks good; great dress; she got better as the song went on. Score – 8.

Jacob Lusk – Meh, he’s OK seems nice enough - - I Believe I Can Fly – I hate this song! Oy with the yelling; does he always do this Revival Preacher thing. Score - 4.

Thia Megia – beautiful girl, seems sweet - - Smile – I don’t love the song; great dress; great voice; she did the best she could with a boring song, not a good choice. Score - 7.

Stefano Langone – cute guy, a nice Italian boy - - Lately – I don’t know the song; good voice but he was uneven; he got better towards the end, but I’m not sure what he was trying to do with it. Score - 6.

Karen Rodriguez – How cute is she? Pretty girl, I like her - - I Could Fall in Love – Great song; she looks gorgeous, great dress; she’s clearly working the Hispanic angle, that could get old real quick, we’ll see; she did well with the song. Score – 7.

Scotty McCreery – What me worry? Hello Alfred E. Newman! - - The River – Great song, I love that he kept the original arrangement; umm Wow! Where did that voice come from? It totally doesn’t match his looks but I love it; I liked his look, he looked comfortable on stage; I wonder how he’ll do with non-country music; again nothing I didn’t like, so perfect score! Score – 10.

Naina Adedapo – So this is this season’s “quirky chick”; she’s beautiful but might be flakey - - Umbrella – Great song! Loved loved loved the reggae/rap thing; look! She can dance!; her voice was a bit uneven, maybe because of the dancing but I loved this performance. Score – 9.

Who I Think *Should* Go: Lauren Alaina

Who I Think *Will* Go: Ashthon Jones

So, what do you think? Who do you like? What aboout the judges - good, bad, indifferent.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

International Women's Day Centennial


Happy Birthday IWD! 100! You don't look a day over 25.

I was going to Blog some disheartening news about women in the US, but I'll wait for another time - today we celebrate.

In honor of International Women's Day we have a very special Lola's Lady Shuffle...let's see what we get!

  1. La Vie en Rose -Edith Piaf (France) - Great start Lola! A perennial classic. It doesn't get better.

  2. Emabhaceni - Miriam Makeba (South Africa) Mama Africa...wasn't she awesome?

  3. The Lucky One - Alison Krauss (USA) & Union Station - I love her voice, so powerful yet soft.

  4. Heaven's What I Feel - Gloria Estefan (Cuba) My home girl - Cubanita made good. I'm so proud of her - succesful career, seemingly happy family, no scandals, no rehab, and remarkable recovery from a horrible accident. She's da' bomb.

  5. Travelin' Soldier - Dixie Chicks (USA) -Love them, love this song!

  6. Chasing Pavements - Adele (England) - I love this young singer, her voice is so emotive...

  7. Shut Up and Drive - Rihanna (Barbados) - How far she's come in a relatively short time, and so pretty. This is a fun song!

  8. Fergalicious - Fergie (USA) - Did you think the pretty girl in Black Eyed Peas would blow up like this? And how much fun is this song?

  9. Give Me One Reason - Tracy Chapman (USA) - From her early years - this song is fabulous as is Tracy - you "hear" the soul in her voice.

  10. Whenever, Whatever - Shakira (Colombia) - Wooo...shake it! Great song, outrageously beautiful woman and a brain behinmd the pretty face.

If you're a woman celebrate your day...if you're a man, celebrate the women in your life.

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