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Friday, March 30, 2007

The Lola Shuffle

Let's see what Lola has for us this week...

  1. "Modern Love" - David Bowie
  2. "Blowin' in the Wind" - Bob Dylan
  3. "Unchained Melody" - Il Divo
  4. "You Make Me Feel So Young" - Frank Sinatra
  5. "Stay" - Alison Krauss and Union Station
  6. "Who Am I (What's My Name)? - Snoop Dogg
  7. "I Am Woman" - Helen Reddy (Don't start with me Dixie - this is the women's movement's *anthem*!)
  8. "Cool" - Gwen Stefani
  9. "The More You Ignore Me, the Closer I Get" - Morrissey
  10. "Landslide" - Dixie Chicks


Thursday, March 29, 2007

I Have No Words...He's Still There!

Next week the mentor will be Tony Bennett and the theme will be "Songs by Tony Bennett".

Yes Tony Bennett - one of the greatest voices of our time - will have to "coach" Sanjaya.

The mind wobbles.


Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Rest in Peace my Friend

Monday I found out that Nancy, a high school classmate of mine, with whom I was quite close was killed in a car accident this past Sunday. Apparently she was hit by a drunk driver two blocks away from her home with two of her multiple children in the car. One of the children was banged up, but both will be OK.

After graduation we lost touch and I only saw her once, maybe 5 or 6 years after we graduated. She was as nice and funny as always and we promised to stay in touch, but never did. I was hoping she would be at our recent 25th class reunion, but somehow knew she wouldn't be there. And now she's gone.

I found out today that through the years she adopted and/or fostered several HIV-positive children, the oldest being around 20 years old. She lived with her long-time partner, her children and her mother.

I am a firm believer that people who adopt children are incredibly selfless and loving, but those that knowingly adopt children with illnesses or afflictions - well, I think they're angels.

We lost an angel this weekend...she left us too soon, with too much to do yet. And she left before I made the effort to reconnect with her. That's my loss.

Bye Nancy...

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

American Idol Recap - Week 3

Pop! Pop! Pop Music!

The songs tonight were, I thought, the best so far. I knew all of them but one - yay! I love it when I know the songs. we go:

LaKisha - "Last Dance" - Great song, great performance. She sang softly when she had to be soft and she belted it when she had to belt it. While I didn't love the outfit she totally sold the song. I liked it a lot.

Chris S. - "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic" - This is a fantastic song and Chris S. has a great voice, but tonight it just didn't work. He didn't seem to be into it at all, he sort of faded in and out.

Gina - "I'll Stand By You" - Fabulous! She looked beautiful, she picked an awesome song which was perfect for her, and she sang it great! I thought this was the performance of the night.

Sanjaya - "Bathwater" - Apparently a lapdog of some sort crawled onto Sanjaya's and died just before Sanjaya walked on to the stage. Maybe it heard Sanjaya during rehearsal? I'm not even going to comment on the performance because, well, the less said the better.

Haley - "True Colors" - Fantastic song but she didn't sell it. She was boring and she had no volume. She did look pretty though and her "up to there" legs looked great. I think she'll make it through to next week.

Phil - "Every Breath You Take" - Awesome - albeit creepy - song. He needs to get rid of the hat. The low notes were a little too low, but the high notes were great. Not his best performance, but I like him a lot.

Melinda - "Heaven Knows" - Another great Donna Summer song and another awesome Melinda performance. Again. Just like last week and the week before. This may sound weird, but her awesomeness isn't exciting - it's expected. I'm starting to get bored with her predictably superior talent.

Blake - "Love Song" - This is the song I didn't know. Big surprise I'm not a an expert on The Cure! Anyway, I didn't know the song and Blake didn't make me want to know it. He didn't do the beat-box silliness and he looked good - but I just don't think he has a good voice.

Jordin - "Hey Baby" - A fun, young song and perfect for her. I find her remarkably confident and comfortable looking on stage.

Chris R. - "Don't Speak" - (yawn) Ummm, huh? What? Oh, right Chris was singing. OK, while Phil's low notes were too low, Chris' low notes disappeared. A complete non-entity.

Bottom Two: Sanjaya and Chris R.

Who leaves?: Ummmm...gee...let's see...SANJAYA!!!


Get your brains in gear...

How much do you remember? I got 14 out of 15!

The answers are printed below, but don't you cheat!

1. After the Lone Ranger saved the day and rode off into the sunset, the grateful citizens would ask, Who was that masked man? Invariably, someone would answer, I don't know, but he left this behind. What did he leave behind?________________.

2. When the Beatles first came to the U.S. in early 1964, we all watched them on The _______________ Show.

3. "Get your kicks, ___________________."

4. "The story you are about to see is true. The names have been changed___________________."

5. "In the jungle, the mighty jungle, ________________."

6. After the Twist, The Mashed Potato, and the Watusi, we "danced" under a stick that was lowered as low as we could go in a dance called the "_____________."

7. "N_E_S_T_L_E_S", Nestle's makes the very best....... _______________."

8. Satchmo wasAmerica 's "Ambassador of Goodwill." Our parents shared this great jazz trumpet player with us. His name was _________________.

9. What takes a licking and keeps on ticking? _______________.

10. Red Skelton's hobo character was named __________________ and Red always ended his television show by saying, "Good Night, and "________ ________".

11. Some Americans who protested the Vietnam War did so by burning their______________.

12. The cute little car with the engine in the back and the trunk in the front was called the VW . What other names did it go by? ____________ & _______________.

13. In 1971, singer Don MacLean sang a song about, "the day the music died."This was a tribute to ___________________.

14. We can remember the first satellite placed into orbit. The Russians did it. It was called ___________________.

15. One of the big fads of the late 50's and 60's was a large plastic ring that we twirled around our waist. It was called the ________________ !



1. The Lone Ranger left behind a silver bullet.
2. The Ed Sullivan Show
3. On Route 66
4. To protect the innocent.
5. The Lion Sleeps Tonight
6. The limbo
7. Chocolate
8. Louis Armstrong
9. The Timex watch
10. Freddy, The Freeloader,and "Good Night,and may God Bless."
11. Draft cards
12. Beetle or Bug
13. Buddy Holly
14. Sputnik
15. Hoola-hoop


Friday, March 23, 2007

Shuffle, Lola, Shuffle!

Here we go:
  1. "Are You Havin' Any Fun?" - Tony Bennet with Count Basie (what a great start, and what a great duo!)
  2. "Practice What You Preach" - Barry White (one of his later recordings, but still smokin' sexy)
  3. "Turn the Beat Around" - Gloria Estefan - (she recorded a CD of 70s covers - this one is a really good, high energy, "dance like nobody's watching" song)
  4. "Kiss" - Tom Jones (I know this is Prince's song, but I love Tom's version)
  5. "Porcelain" - Moby (very cool, haunting music)
  6. "Wishing on a Star" - Rose Royce (I'll have an order of schmaltz with a side of 70s cheese, please)
  7. "Hurt" - Johnny Cash (awesome!)
  8. "Pon de Replay" - Rihanna (a completely frothy dance tune, but a wicked beat)
  9. "The Rising" - Bruce Springsteen (Springsteen's reaction to 9/11 - very powerful)
  10. "Too Close for Comfort" - Eartha Kitt (it's Eartha Kitt - need I say more?)
Well, that's an interesting mix...I wonder what it portends for the weekend?


Thursday, March 22, 2007

Whatcha Into?

Sari tagged me with a musical meme - where you're supposed to list seven songs you are into right matter what they are. They must be songs you are presently enjoying. I'm not tagging anyone thoguh, so if you want to play go ahead, and leave me a note in my comments, so I can go check it out...

My list:

  • "Irreplaceable" - Beyonce
  • "Passionate Kisses" - Mary Chapin Carpenter
  • "American Idiot" - Greenday
  • "Juke Box Songs" - Danny Collet and the Swamp Cats
  • "Feel Good Inc." - Gorillaz
  • "When God Fearin' Women Get the Blues" - Martina McBride
  • "Who Says You Can't Go Home?" - Bon Jovi

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November 2004 Redux


The United States has spoken (via telephone and text message) and...Sanjaya is STILL on American Idol - *and* he's going on the tour!

It's just like November, 2004 when the majority of the US made a dunderheaded decision and "voted for the worst" - then got stuck with him for an extended period of time.

That's OK. Stephanie is now free to go on and star on Broadway or win an Oscar, or whatever - she'll be fine. You go girl!
NEXT WEEK'S THEME: Pop Music - Gwen Stefani will be coaching the contestants


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

American Idol Recap - Week 2

The British arrived, the British arrived!

So it was British Invasion Week in Jolly Old American Idol. I have to say I'm a little disappointed at who we "didn't" hear - where were The Troggs ("Wild Thing"), Manfred Mann ("Doo Wah Diddy"), The Who (anything!), Petula Clark ("Downtown"), The Animals ("House of the Rising Sun"), etc. ?

And oh yeah, a little group called The Beatles?

Anyway, let's get down to the performers:

Haley - "Tell Him" - I love this song, and it was a good choice for Haley, and it was better than last week, but that's really not saying much. She looked lovely, certainly *working her assets* with the short shorts, high heels and skimpy halter. Hey! A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do and there's really only so much Haley *can* do in this competition and frankly, I think she's done it. I don't think there's much more there. Oh not for nothing, but girlfriend can't shimmy worth a damn - I'm just saying.

Chris R
- "Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying" - (yawn). Love the song, hated the performance. Again, I just don't care. His performance is the one during which you go to the bathroom, to the kitchen to get a drink, etc.

- "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me" - (sigh). This is one of my favorite songs of the whole night - I love Dusty Springfield. I was so excited when I heard Stephanie was going to do this song, but she so disappointed me. She should have hit this one out of the ball park but she only hit it to the outfield (look it's a sports reference - I'm trying here!). Seriously, this song is tailor-made for her voice, I don't know what happened. Again, even when Stephanie's bad she's still good, but she could have done much, much better.

- "Time of the Season" - OK, so I hated his performance less this week, but I still don't get it. There was minimal squeaks, squawks and spitting but when you take the "razzle dazzle" out of his show, his voice is just...there. Again, a great song, but his performance was wasted on me.

- "Diamonds are Forever" - What can I say? Home girl can sing! She totally got the whole Shirley Bassey vibe going (can't you just hear her growling "Goldfingaaaaar"?). I don't particularly like this song, but it didn't matter - she was fabulous.

- "Tobacco Road" - Phil, Phil, Phil...for the love of the goddess, can someone please get this boy some vitamins, perhaps an appointment at a tanning salon? All over the Internet they're calling him ”Nosferatu”
and ”Bat Boy” . Not me! I'm not calling him that - I like the guy! I'm not saying it's nice, I'm just saying what *they're* saying. OK, the performance: I have never heard the song, but I liked it. It was bluesy and rocky...but Phil's performance was just OK, it didn't wow me. Like Simon, I'm worried about him for the elimination.

- "I Who Have Nothing" - I love, love, love this girl. I said it last week, I'll say it again - she may win this thing. Her performance was, IMO, flawless. She looked absolutely beautiful, she picked a difficult song and nailed it, and she's getting better every week. I know I'm going to garner the wrath of the world, but I thought hers was the performance of the night. I think this song was more challenging thatn Melinda's song - so sue me!

Sanjaya - "You've Really Got Me" - Fine, he sucked less than last week. And he was cute in a demented, teen idol who had one too many Red Bulls sort of way - but this child has got to go! If he doesn't get eliminated tomorrow he goes on the American Idol tour, torturing innocent people all over the country. Seriously - enough is enough, back to school for him.

Gina - "Paint it Black" - I really, really like her and liked her performance. She rocked it out and looked great. ROCK ON Sistah Friend!

Chris S. - "She's Not There" - Great song, great performance, IMO, the best male vocal of the night, as usual. "Fro Patro!!!"

Melinda - "As Long as He Needs Me" - obviously she's the one to beat. Again, I didn't know the song but it didn't matter. She was wonderful, she was flawless, she was Melinda! The only reason I choose Jordin as the best vocal of the night is because I think her song was more difficult. Melinda should, IMO, challenge herself more - she can handle it.

Who should be in the Bottom Three? Haley, Chris R. and of course, Sanjaya

Who should leave? Sanjaya, Sanjaya, Sanjaya!!!



So, I'm in bed perusing Silhouttes my favorite plus size catalog, when all of a sudden my sleepy senses are accosted by espadrilles! And not only regular espadrilles, but also ankle-tie espadrilles! Now, is this really necessary? Do we really have to resurrect every fashion disaster of the 70s and 80s?

Actually, maybe this time we do. At least when it comes to *me* and the well-being of South Florida's flora and cash crops. See, "back in the day" when I was young and stupid and wore espadrilles voluntarily, whenever I would wear my espadrilles and be all stylin' it would rain. Guaranteed. Now, you know what happens when the straw part of the espadrille gets wet - it gets all yucky and you often have to buy a new pair. Well, seeing as to how South Florida is suffering from an almost drought - I guess the properly Al Goreian thing for me to do is to go out and get a pair, put them on and have Lake Okeechobee's water levels return to normal.

But they won't be the ankle-ties - no way no how. Never again!


Sunday, March 18, 2007

A Bunch of Questions Meme

I got these questions in an e-mail message from a friend...enjoy! Copy it to your blog and please let me know in my Comments section.

When you look at yourself in the mirror, what's the first thing you look at? My hair

How much cash do you have on you right now? $6

What's a word that rhymes with "TEST"? Crest

Favorite plant? Palm tree

Who is the 4th person on your missed call list on your mobile? A former cleaning lady

What is your main ring tone on your phone? "Dancing Queen"

What shirt are you wearing? An aqua and white paisley t-shirt

Name brand of your shoes currently wearing?Birkenstocks

Do you prefer a bright or dark room? Bright

What did you have for breakfast? Cereal

What were you doing at midnight last night? Watching the movie "Running with Scissors"

What did your last text message you received on your mobile phone say? I don't get text messages

Do you ever click on "Pop Ups" or Banners? No

Who told you they loved you last? My husband

How many hours a week do you work? Around 40

How many rolls of film do you need to get developed? None

Favorite age you have been so far? 22

Your worst enemy? Procrastination

What was the last thing you said to someone? "Thanks honey".

If you had to choose between a million dollars or to be able to go back in time and fix all your mistakes which would you choose? The million dollars


Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

St. Patrick's Day has been a special holiday for me since I was a kid because it was one of my dad's favorite holidays. Yes, my very Cuban father loved St. Patrick's Day because it reminded him of New York - and let's get real because of the eating and drinking!

Since I was in my teens, my father and I - and sometimes mom - would always go to the St. Patrick's Day parade and celebration here in Miami. OK, so Miami might not be the first city you think of when you thing about a St. Patrick's Day celebration, but we have a parade and a big carnival like event in Downtown. Really. So what if in addition to being able to get corn beef and cabbage or shepard's pie you can also get arepas and Cuban coffee?

Anyway, once I got older and my father retired, every St. Patrick's Day my father would come pick me up at work (if it was a weekend, my mom would come along) and we'd have lunch at a tavern close to work for corned beef and cabbage, green beer (or in my case green Sprite) and an Irish coffee! For years we did this, and I really miss it.

Today I woke up with a mild case of the mean reds, so my husband, God bless him, tried to find a place to get me some corned beef and cabbage. There were several places serving it but they were all packed, or too far, or whatever - so we wound up eating sushi! Hey - it's OK to break a tradition every now and then, right? I just love him for trying.

So, here's hoping the luck of the Irish shines upon you and that you find your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.


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Friday, March 16, 2007

Lola, El-oh-el-aye, Lola, la, la, la, Looolaaa Shuffle

OK, after two shots of delicious Cuban coffee Lola offers you:
  • "All of Me" - Billie Holiday (Way to go Lola, great start!)
  • "Tom Sawyer" - RUSH
  • "The Boys in the Backroom" - Marlene Dietrich (my favorite Dietrich song)
  • "Keep on Singing" - Helen Reddy
  • "Folsom Prison Blues" - Johnny Cash
  • "Oye Isabel" - The Iguanas (does anyone know them, they are a fabulous New Orleans band)
  • "Come Monday" - Jimmy Buffet (at least you like this *song*, right Dixie?)
  • "Luxurious" - Gwen Stefani (oh, look, Lola decided to come into the 21st century!)
  • "When I Come Around" - Greenday
  • "YMCA" - The Village People (Don't start with me people! At least secretly - everyone smiles when they hear The Village People)


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

American Idol Elimination - Week 1


Sanjaya didn't get eliminated!

He's going to be my Kellie Pickler this year - he'll just stay on and on torturing me and giving me apoplexy every week!


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

American Idol Recap

OK, American Idol's Top 12 performed, here's my take - I'll try to do this every week. Try and contain your enthusiasm.

Since this is the first week, I'll give you *my* opinion of the performer as well as what I thought of this week's performance...

This week's theme was Diana Ross songs - I think that's quite difficult for the first week because both she and her songs are so iconic.

I love Diana Ross - I think she is fabulous! OK, so she made up a word - pronounciate isn't a word, you have "pronounce" and you have "enunciate", but "pronounciate", uh, no - but it doesn't matter because she's Diana Ross. Hell Dubyuh invents words all the time and he has no talent at all, so Diana is more than allowed to do so!

Now, on to the competition:
  • Gina - The "rock chick" - I like her, she's "rock" but she's not angry, she has a self-deprecating sense of humor and she has a good voice. This week she sang "Love Child" which is one of my favorite Ross songs, and she was OK - I expected better.
  • Haley - The "boring girl". She's a pretty girl and she has a sweet voice but her performance of "Missing You" was a disaster - she forgot the lyrics, she panicked when she forgot the lyrics and she under sang the song. Frankly, she should never have made it to the Top 12 in my opinion. And worst of all she may actually be the reason Sanjaya makes it through another week!
  • Blake - The "beat box boy". I don't like him or his his "style" - it annoys the hell out of me when he interjects songs with that scratchy, squeaky thing he does. And who the hell is his punk azz to rearrange "You Keep Me Hanging On", only one of the most famous Diana Ross *and* Motown songs ever? He has a good voice, but I didn't like his performance.
  • Brandon - The "boring boy". His voice is OK, and he seems nice enough, but his "Can't Hurry Love" was, well, boring.
  • Jordin - The "cute girl". I don't know the song, but IMO, she presented a beautiful vocal and looked absolutely lovely. I really like her. I think she will blossom in this competition as she gets more confidence. She's only 17 and already has tons more presence than Boring Haley.
  • Lakisha - The "girl who is too good for this competition". I think this was the performance of the night, hands down, bar none. She didn't just tackle a Diana Ross song, she tackled "God Bless the Child" - a *Billie Holiday* song that Diana Ross sang, and she owned it. She looked great, she seemed perfectly comfortable on the oh-so-intimidating *big stage*, and she just *brought it*. Phenomenal!
  • Chris R - The "Justin Timberlake boy". He's cute, his voice is there, but...BLEH. "Boss", the song he chose, was not well known and frankly, I just didn't care.
  • Chris S - The "guy with the big hair and best male voice". He is IMO, the best male in the competition - which, granted, really isn't saying much this season, but he really can sing. I love him but I *hated* his performance this week. Again, like Blake (only less smug) he has no business rearranging an classic like "Endless Love". It almost sounded like a march. He needs to *listen* to the words - it is a sappy, romantic love song and we like it that way - it is not an anthem! And as Simon said, he needs to put the glasses back on, they are a key part of his persona.
  • Melinda - The "other girl who is too good for the competition". She sang "Home", a song with which I wasn't familiar, but it didn't matter. She was awesome. If I had to pick, tonight I would pick Lakisha because her song was more challenging, but if not for Lakisha, this competition would belong to Melinda, IMO.
  • Stephanie - The "girl who can sing". Unfortunately for her with Lakisha and Melinda, she won't make it. She sang "Sweetest Hangover" - she messed up the lyrics and I found it boring, but she looked good and sang well.
  • Phil - The "bald guy". He, along with Chris S. is my favorite guy. He's not as good as Chris S, but he should be around for a bit. He sang "I'm Gonna Make You Love Me", it was OK.
  • Sanjaya - The "kid who can't carry a tune in a paper bag"! This child has absolutely no business being in the competition, let alone the top 12 - and he knows it. And to boot he selected "Ain't No Mountain High Enough", only one of the most iconic Motown songs ever. And he slaughtered it. It was a train wreck. GO AWAY!

Who leaves?

In the name of Apollo, the god of music - Sanjaya, Sanjaya, Sanjaya!!! GO, RUN, far, far away, and don't look back - ever!


It's Like Having a Wife

For the last two years or so my husband and I have been eating either delivery or take-out for dinner - we just went through a phase where we didn't want to cook. Arguably when there's only two people it isn't that much cheaper to cook vs. "eating out". However, for health reasons and because we got tired of spending so much money, we've started making dinner and trying to eat better. We've been doing this for about two weeks now, with each of us cooking every other day.

So yesterday was my turn and I decided to make Crockpot Ratatouille. Not only is it healthy and delicious, it's easy - because of the crockpot.

I love using my crockpot. I get home from work and the aroma of a delicious dinner's like having a wife!

Last night I served it with brown rice and had plenty left over, so today's lunch is leftover ratatouille and leftover cous-cous. Again, yummy and healthy!

Want the recipe? OK, here it is...

Crock Pot Ratatouille

* 1 large eggplant -- peeled and cut into 1-inch chunks
* Salt
* 2 medium onions -- chopped
* 2 cups chopped fresh tomatoes (about 3 medium)
* 1 large green bell pepper, cut into 1/2-inch squares
* 1 large red or yellow bell pepper, cut into 1/2-inch squares
* 3 medium zucchini – sliced
* 1 package of Shitake mushrooms (about 20 mushrooms) without stems
* 3 tablespoons olive oil
* 3 tablespoons dried basil
* 5 garlic cloves, crushed through a press
* 1/2 teaspoon freshly ground pepper
* 6 ounces canned tomato paste
* 5¾ ounces canned pitted ripe olives, drained and coarsely chopped
* 3 tablespoons chopped fresh basil

1) Place all the ingredients in a 5- or 6-quart electric slow cooker.
2) Mix well.
3) Cover and cook on the low heat setting 8-10 hours until the vegetables are tender.

Serve hot, at room temperature, or chilled.

Serves 6-8.

Bon Apetit!


Sunday, March 11, 2007

Let's Talk About Books!

Books and Memes...two of my favorite things! I found this one at: Rocks in My Dryer . If you want to participate, leave your blog link in my comments.

Here we go...

Hardback or trade paperback or mass market paperback? Paperback

Amazon or brick and mortar? Brick and mortar

Barnes & Noble or Borders? Barnes and Noble

Bookmark or dogear? Bookmark with post-it tabs

Alphabetize by author or alphabetize by title or random? Random

Keep, throw away, or sell? I am physically incapable of throwing out a book - no matter how bad it is. If I don't want to keep it I donate them or give them away.

Keep dustjacket or toss it? Keep it

Read with dustjacket or remove it? Remove it

Short story or novel? Both

Collection (short stories by same author) or anthology (short stories by different authors)? Both

Harry Potter or Lemony Snicket? Harry Potter

Stop reading when tired or at chapter breaks? Chapter breaks

“It was a dark and stormy night” or “Once upon a time”? Once upon a time

Buy or Borrow? Buy - I like writing and underlining stuff

New or used? Used

Buying choice: book reviews, recommendation or browse? All

Tidy ending or cliffhanger? Tidy ending

Morning reading, afternoon reading or nighttime reading? Anytime, but ideally afternoon and evening.

Stand-alone or series? Both

Favorite series? Rebecca Wells' "Ya-Ya" books and Harry Potter

Favorite children's book? The Little Prince by Antoine de Sainte-Exupery

Favorite book of which nobody else has heard? The Gate to Women’s Country
by Sheri S. Teper

Favorite books read last year? The Year of Pleasures
by Elizabeth Berg and Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen

Favorite books of all time? Too many to list. Off the top of my head: "To Kill a Mockingbord", "Breakfast at Tiffany's", "The Red Tent", "The Shadow of the Wind", "Divine Secrets of the Ya-ya Sisterhood", "Pride and Prejudice", "Rebecca", and on and on and on.

Least favorite book you finished last year? I don't remember.

What are you reading right now? The Last Cato
by Matilde Asensi and New Orleans Mon Amour by Andrei Codrescu.

What are you reading next? The Audacity of Hope
by Barack Obama and Mary Poppins by P.L. Travers

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Friday, March 9, 2007

Her name was Lola...

...she liked to shuffle...

  1. I'm a Woman - Peggy Lee
  2. Always on My Mind - Willie Nelson
  3. Boat Drinks - Jimmy Buffett
  4. I've Got the World on a String - Frank Sinatra
  5. I'm the Only One - Melissa Etheridge
  6. My Sharona - The Knack
  7. Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) - Greenday
  8. In the Mood - Glenn Miller Orchestra
  9. Highwayman - Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson, Willie Nelson
  10. Tabu - Desi Arnaz


Music Meme

...which I shamelessly stole from Dixie!

1. Go to Pop Culture Madness. On the left sidebar scroll to find and then click on the year you turned 18.
2. Copy and paste the top 75 songs of that year.
3. Make the ones you liked red; make the ones you disliked blue; and make the ones you knew but didn’t exactly like or dislike green, and leave the ones you don’t know black. If you can remember, try to judge based on your 18th year feelings, not how you feel about the songs now.
Also, if you do this meme on your blog, please leave me your blog address in the comments, so I can see your answers!

1.Super Freak - Rick James
2.Let's Groove - Earth, Wind and Fire
3.Just The Two Of Us - Grover Washington Jr & Bill Withers
4.Give It To Me Baby - Rick James
5.Jessie's Girl - Rick Springfield
6.Don't Stop Believin' - Journey
7.Back In Black - AC/DC
8.I Love You - Climax Blues Band
9.Celebration - Kool and The Gang
10.She's A Bad Mama Jama (She's Built, She's Stacked) - Carl Carlton
11.Start Me Up - Rolling Stones
12.Double Dutch Bus - Frankie Smith
13.Waiting For A Girl Like You - Foreigner
14.Endless Love - Lionel Ritchie and Diana Ross (stop laughing, I was 18!!!)
15.Fantastic Voyage - Lakeside
16.In The Air Tonight - Phi Collins
17.Hey Nineteen - Steely Dan
18.Love T.K.O. - Teddy Pendergast
19.We're In This Love Together - Al Jarreau
20.De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da - Police
21.Lady (You Bring Me Up) - Commodores
22.Urgent - Foreigner
23.The Tide Is High - Blondie
24.Fire and Ice - Pat Benatar
25.Our Lips Are Sealed - Go Go's
26.Same Old Lang Syne - Dan Fogleberg
27.The Stroke - Billy Squier
28.Who's Making Love - Blues Brothers
29.Being With You - Smokey Robinson
30.Don't Stand So Close To Me - Police
31.Tempted - Squeeze
32.Burn Rubber (Why You Wanna Hurt Me) - Gap Band
33.Guilty - Barbra Streisand and Barry Gibb
34.Woman - John Lennon
35.Winner Takes All - Abba
36.Queen of Hearts - Juice Newton
37.Controversy - Prince
38.Rapture - Blondie
39.9 to 5 - Dolly Parton
40.America - Neil Diamond
41.Physical - Olivia Newton John
42.Treat Me Right - Pat Benatar
43.Elvira - Oak Ridge Boys
44.The Old Songs - Barry Manilow
45.Fashion - David Bowie
46.No Reply At All - Genesis
47.All Those Years Ago - George Harrison
48.Slow Hand - Pointer Sisters
49.8th Wonder - Sugarhill Gang
50.My Girl (Gone, Gone, Gone) - Chilliwack
51.Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic - Police
52.Winning - Santana
53.Say Goodbye To Hollywood - Billy Joel
54.Jones vs. Jones - Kool and the Gang
55.Tom Saywer - Rush
56.Private Eyes - Hall and Oates
57.(Ghost) Riders In The Sky - The Outlaws
58.Working In The Coal Mine - Devo
59.Watching The Wheels - John Lennon
60.Keep On Loving You - REO Speedwagon
61.Super Trooper - Abba
62.Arc of a Diver - Steve Winwood
63.While You See A Chance - Steve Winwood
64.Teacher, Teacher - Rockpile
65.Sukiyaki - A Taste Of Honey
66.Hello Again - Neil Diamond
67.(There's) No Getting Over Me - Ronnie Milsap
68.Morning Train (9 to 5) - Sheena Easton
69.All American Girls - Sister Sledge
70.Skateaway - Dire Straites
71.Ah! Leah - Donnie Iris
72.This Little Girl - Gary U.S. Bonds
73.Wasn't That A Party - The Rovers
74.Sign of the Gypsy Queen - April Wine
75.Boy From New York City - Manhatten Transfer

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Thursday, March 8, 2007

International Women's Day 2007


International Women's Day (IWD) is marked on
March 8th every year. It is a major day of global celebration for the economic, political and social achievements of women...


Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Cheney's Reaction

OK, so Libby was found guilty and most consider him to be the "fall guy" for Rove, Cheney and the rest of the coven. There has been specualtion that Dubyuh will pardon him sooner rather than later and the Democrats have pounced on that possibility like a lion on a side a beef - Democrats to Bush: Don’t Pardon Libby.

But what bothers me most about this whole thing was Dick Cheney's reaction to the verdict:
Vice President Dick Cheney, in a written statement, said he was "disappointed with the verdict."

Hello? What about being "disappointed" with Libby? The way I read Cheney's reaction is, "I don't care that Libby did it, I didn't want him to get punished for it!"


It's precisely this sense of entitlement or being above the law that IMO is a major problem with this administration. Cheney seems insulted that one of *his people* was actually found guilty! The nerve of that jury!

Honestly, January 2009 better get here soon...


Friday, March 2, 2007

Whatever Lola wants...Lola gets...

...and little man, little Lola shuffle
  1. "You Do Something to Me" - Marlene Dietrich
  2. "Son of Son of a Sailor" - Jimmy Buffett
  3. "Cool" - Gwen Stefani
  4. "Every Morning" - Sugar Ray
  5. "I'm Goin' Home" - Hootie & The Blowfish
  6. "Gin and Juice" - Snoop Dogg
  7. "Hollaback Girl" - Gwen Stefani
  8. "Chan Chan" - Compay Segundo (of Buena Vista Social Club fame)
  9. "Big Spender" - Shirley Bassey
  10. "Where is the Love?" - Black Eyed Peas